White bro's E series 12 disks Denied!

I raced the Sawmill Enduro this weekend. Every racer had to go through a tech inspection including a sound test. The line was 30 riders deep waiting to be inspected. When I rolled up to the line there were two rangers and a club member doing the inspection. Before I even started my bike, the ranger said "did you know there was going to be a sound test" I said yes. HE sais " I can tell you right now that you will not pass... start it up and lets see how far off you are, not one E Series has passed yet." I started the bike and he shook his head. "You are 108, sorry!" . 108 :) I said, I passed the last race with a 102! The ranger said " you still would have failed here, passing is 101. The only thing I can tell you is get the FMF pipe". I drove over 200 miles to make this race and wasn't about to give up. I went back to the truck and removed 8 disks. Surprisingly the bike started first kick. Much quieter, I went back to get inspected. The Ranger "said you are a glutten for punishment, start it up. 92, well i'll be. have a good race". I went back to the truck and installed 3 more disks (total of 8). Still much quieter but did not have the punch of 12 disks. At least I was able to race. I'll have the Quiet core insert before the next race, I hope it works. Doug

Good Deal....Glad you got to race...By the way...How did you do?

Bonzai :)

I placed 2nd. It was a great course but there were a lot of complants regarding milege and time keeping.

PS can you send me a PM regarding the race jersey graphics. I may be interested. Doug

I think I'll be sure to carry the discs in my gear bag now.

Thanks for the story.


Doug, I swapped my WB E-series for the FMF Q. The rangers love it. Even with 8 disk you are over the limit with the E-series. Congrats on your 2nd place! Maybe we can hook up one of these days and you can check out my FMF. I don't think it will slow you down too much and you won't have to worry about not passing the sound test. Paul

Oh by the way, I kept the WB S bend header and was able to fit the FMF right up to it.. If you ride desert or somewhere where the sound is no biggie you can just swap pipes. Just a thought.

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i just installed a WB quietcore 2 insert on my promeg today.what a waste of $ it was like i put the stock exhaust plug back in.it did quiet motor down a little bit.then i ended up adding 3 more discs to get a little of the snap back in the motor.now with quietcore and 3 extra discs[11 total]bike is louder than ever and im $35 poorer.you just can win.

:D I agree...DONT get the quiet core, it is a waste of time, I ended up throwing mine away, totally messed up the jetting, ran like a pig :D It was however, a BIT quieter! :)

So you were the guy I heard about on Sat? I was on min 89 and had a great time even though I houred out - something about taking too much time at the gas stop & trying to help some kid at the wide creek crossing that dumped his CR250 & didn't have any tools or a plug... I gotta remember these enduros are races not trail rides :)

I was measured at 96dB with my stock muffler/Thumper Racing quiet core. They're measuring my bike and Matt (scraggily looking ranger) says 106dB & I just about freaked. He says 106 again see's the look in my eyes & says "I'm kidding - it's 96"

I've heard very good things about the FMF Q from other rangers & riders.


NVR FNSH, I guess you stood true to your handle :D

Yea that was the ranger, he seemed sincere when he said sorry I had failed :) Was that you standing on the far side of the creek with a youngster & a ranger directing trafic to a fairly steep up hill? there were some pretty deep crossings, I just keep on the pipe and hoped for the best.

It was me if you went thru just before check 6 - on the big fire road - closed. That creek crossing was easy - I just about drowned my bike in the second crossing from the start. I was 89Y so I lined up at the far right of the start & had a nice line. BUT, I hit a 2-2.5ft hole in the second crossing and just about **** - water sprayed up over my shoulders and I was soaked. I couldn't see a damn thing cause my goggles were soaked & fogged up so I rode up Sled ridge w/o them - I wear contacts :) And of course my left grip came loose and didn't dry out until mile 40 so that was interesting. All in all a fun day - seriously. I'll probably try the next 'real' enduro - not the Fools Gold qualifer.


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