07' Wr450 & Ims 3.1 W/ais?

Just a couple quick questions... does the AIS need to be removed for a 3.1 IMS tank to fit? Just Gas Tanks also gives the option to include shrouds for $39.00, is this a good deal? They say they send Acerbis brand but I can ask for UFO. Is one brand better than the other?

Thanks :cool:

yes the tank fit will ais junk on,you can see where the bottom of the tank on my bike is It's nowhere near where that dumb steel line goes, and I only paid like 22 a side for the yamaha shrouds from yamaha. don't forget your steel framed wr petcock.they are only like 20 bucks too



oh yeah , don't forget some new graphix because you dont want your bike to look like this :cool::applause::busted::crazy::prof: brand new and cheap looking


Thanks Tweav,

Your bike looks Great!:applause: What kind of range do you get with the extra fuel?

The tank is my next purchase!:cool:

on the road with my jetting like 125 miles . in the woods and trails 70-85 or so . I have not run it in real tight stuff yet but I would guess 60 but unlike most people on here I had to lean my bike way out I'm running a dynajet kit with a 150 main and a 42 pilot and a r&d powerbowl 1 turn out . I still have to take it back to the dyno to make the final tweaks but it it very close. my bike was so rich that I could start it with no choke after it sat out in the snow all night.

Where did you get that rack on the back?

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