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Jets in Vancouver BC??

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hey man,I need jets for the cv carb?stock pilot 45 i think,it is really rich and i dont want to run it that way it just loads up real bad and will cause nothing but problems with build up.i have the stock S carb on now with a little jetting in it and it fires right away cold or hot,i havent finished or ridden it yet,it just seems that other carb is super rich and i mean real rich, until I can get some jets to try i won't run it,i have exhausted all my jet sources for those and cant get any pilots.it got better with a 50 in it but still yucky.and the plug is wet after it runs so I will use the stock one till I find some jets.i'll see what i can do for the stock carb,i got a 30 pilot,160 main,2.5 airscrew,std needle,will add a shim under needle tomorrow.and then i'll ride it .ididnt get to clean up the intake track or exhaust but i cleaned all the carbon out of the exhaust port.and reset the valves.I need to find a stock pilot for the FCR carb before I try that thing again though .

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