TrailTech Vapor Tips?

I have been wanting a Vapor for a long time now, and found one on Ebaytakeallmymoney.......looking over the install material on their site, it looks like you are on your own for mounting the pick up magnet onto the front disk.....I mean, they seem to give a couple ideas for your particular model, but seem to leave it out there......

Has anyone put one on their XRL?

Any other tried and true ideas on the pick up mounting?

It's a pain to fit. You need to shave it down a lot to get it in there.

Drill a hole and j b weld the magnet that comes with the kit. Or they give you a magnetic bolt to hold the rotor. It is easy….

Mine came with a magnet in a holder that uses a snap ring to hold it in place. I pulled the rotor, drilled a hole, inserted the magnet, and installed the snap ring. It's held up with no problems. The bolt with the magnet wasn't close enough to the sensor for it to pick up. I figure if it ever comes out, the hole is the same size needed for the magnet that you JB weld in place and I could install that one.

i didn't have a problem on my R i really like it

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