I need a stock XR600 Exhaust

Does anyone have a stock exhaust for a '95 XR600R? Does a Xr650L pipe fit? I need to have so my bike will be quiet where I am riding. I will pay. Thanks.


Here for a 88-90 on the bay.. HERE

Im not sure of fitment of stock 650L exhaust on a 600 but if you find it does ill sell you my stock slip on cheap. Its just collecting dust in the garage.

Thanks. I will hopefully find out from someone soon.

No internal baffle so it will be just as loud as the roach I have now. Thanks though.

I have a complete stock exhaust system off of my '93 XR600. It has had no modifications to it at all. Does have some dents on the muffler, and has some minor rust spots on the header pipe but will install and work as factory. Is missing the heat shield.

If you would like-I can take some pictures and send them. I used the stainless steel mid-clamp on my new system so you would need to find one of those yourself, if you don't already have one.

I was keeping mine in the event that I sold the bike, I could give the new owner the original exhaust system as well. Can't imagine someone would want to put that back on the bike though.

Send me a PM with an offer if interested. Also shoot me your address so I can get you a shipping quote.

No one has a stock pipe? One of the most popular bikes and no one has an exhaust they will sell. Please guys. Thanks.

No one on this board has anything? Ebay is about useless for a stock pipe. Please help me clean out your garage.

Actually, I find that the 650L is becoming more popular than 600s if for no other reason than Honda has kept building them. The 650R is another story.....

Why do you need it to be so "quiet?" Is there a decibel limit where you ride? Another option might be a SuperTrapp/White Bros disc muffler you can really choke down.

Does the 650L fit? I was told by someone else that it doesn't. The trails and roads I want to ride are near houses at the entrance. I don't want to piss anyone off.

I have a stock can for a 650L, too. I replaced it with a Yosh can, originally build for an XR600. It's been awhile, but I don't recall any differences in mounting. I'll check it against an '87 XR600 I'm building to make sure.

Stay tuned....

That would be great.

There both the same. The XR650L and XR600 have the same exhaust from exhaust port to exhaust tip.

The insert in the XR600 is easier to remove but they have the same dimentions and mounts.

I had the WB E2 on my 650L loud as hell, but great power! went with a FMF Q2 and it sounds nealy as it did stock and makes good power. I have a stock 650L - slip on I would part with.

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