R&D Power Bowl Update

Raced my "07" YZ 450F this past weekend at Glen Helen and just wanted to share my views on the R&D Power Bowl. After an hour of racing my bike was running flawlessly. We used two (2) of the biggest hills out there (we went all the way to the top of Yamaha Hill, past the water tower) and my 450 NEVER skipped a beat !! It is reassuring to know that when you reach the tops of these hills and shut off that the bike does not stall. Maybe if Chad Reed had one of these (Anaheim 1) his bike wouldn't have stalled while leading the main ?? About halfway through the race I dropped my bike in a corner and killed it. I picked it up, found nuetral and it (was hot) started on the second kick !!! Can't wait to see what R&D comes up with next !!! Also, try the "08" 450 pegs on your "07" as they are wider and I believe they have a little more angle on them.

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