HRC Individual Part No.'s

I tried a search, but was only able to turn up a part number for the whole HRC kit for the 650R.

Does anyone know what the part no's are for the high comp piston, cam, and cam chain?



Btw: Don't mind the red marks.

many thanks! I was also looking for this info :cool:

Where did you find that sheet? I have the service manual; did I miss that?

Holy crap that piston is spendy; almost 500 for that alone!

Has anyone come across a good hi-comp piston that keeps the standard bore, and isn't quite that expensive?

Where did you find that sheet? I have the service manual; did I miss that?

The HRC manual is part of the HRC kit. :cool:

Thumpy the HRC kit is a good thing but it is way expensive.

I just put in a stage 2 Hot cam decked the head,.matchported and some other crap and it's all good,cost me less than half of the price.

The stage 2 has more lift and duration than the HRC.

The only part i want is the tougher timing chain.

I am not a big big valve fan but if you want top end power ya gotta get the get go,i'm actually doing the HRC chain and going to a set of bigger inlet valves next step.

And why do we need this much power anyway dude?

You know by the time you buy all the parts for the timing chain upgrade you could buy the entire HRC kit. RonAyers has it listed for $898.74. Might have to order that.....

Me and my buddies do some pretty good climbs over here, and a lot of them have been in the soft sand, and I find my bike pretty tapped out with me on it, a full tank of gas, and in the soft sand doing a climb.

I don't need anymore low-end torque, I just need a little more on the top for the climbs. I always thought higher-comp pistons gave you more torque, but a lot of guys on here have said otherwise.

I was looking at the HRC cam, but thats pretty spendy as well.

I am mostly looking at this to see if I want to go with it for a future rebuild. Just getting some pricing ideas and input now. My other concern w/ the HRC kit and hi-comp piston is that I would have to run race gas, and I really do not want to do that; driving to the gas pump is a wonderful thing...

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the HRC puts you at for HP?

I've heard 78Hp, but I don't have any resources to site

between 7000 rpm and 7500 rpm: stock engine 43 hp,HRC kitted 51 hp

@ 8200 rpm: stock engine 39 hp,HRC kitted 49 hp ..that's 10 hp :cool:

quote XR-italia :.........." le differenze di potenza maggiori le possiamo trovare oltre i 7.000 giri, infatti a 7.500 passiamo dai 43cv della moto di serie ai quasi 51cv dell'HRC mentre a 8.200 giri andiamo dai 39cv della moto di serie ai 49cv dell'HRC, ben dieci cavalli di differenza.

# Il valore di coppia della moto di serie parte con un valore di 52 Nm raggiungendo il picco di 57 Nm a 5.300 giri, ma iniziando a scendere subito dopo" ......end quote.

I've heard 78Hp



You don't think 78 hp is possible?

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