PLEASE HELP.. I have the jetting blues

02 wr 426 yz timed, air lid off, stock pipe spark arrestor out, grey wire cut, throttle stop cut, BK mod w/.25 sec duration squirt. I recently changed needles and a couple of jets based on what I have read here and I think it ran better stock.

everything in the carb is stock except for the following changes.

Pilot Jet 35

EKP @6

155 Main Jet

Pilos screw 1.5 turns

I am at 1000ft temp 60's. PLEASE help

I'm not a jetting expert but you really should describe what your symptoms are at the various throttle positions (0-1/8, 1/8-3/4, 1/2-WOT). That would probably get you a better response...

what a mess! sorry but it's true.

after all the info we put up we get the same old questions. and yet nobody listens.

that 35PJ is to go with a smaller PAJ. or buy the PAScrew, ok?

that 155MJ is to go with the #160MAJ.

and nobody recommeds an EKP now. it's taken me about 6 months to "ween" everyone onto the N or M needles.

spend another $20 and you'll be OK.


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