Eastern Ontario ( EOMA )

Last Monday was a holiday up here so I drove over to Sand Del Lee MX park in Ottawa. What a nice place to ride! My first time out there, everyone was super nice. Track is family oriented and was doing most jumps after a few laps. Just wanted to share with any Canadian riders in TT.

I have been to Sand Del lee to watch the races but have never riden the track. Do they sell day passes,if so how much? Where do you ride other than there? We have a little group here in Cornwall and we ride in Limerick forest and north of Hawksbury.I've never been to Larose forest but heard it wasn't so great.

Bamster, here is their web site : www.eomaracing.com

Yes, they have day passes available or 175.00 for the season. The day pass was 25.00 and I spoke to John Kenny at 613-729-1440 ( 2nd Chance Auto Sales ) You will have to sign a waivier. As for riding in my neck of the woods if you are into sand pit riding try out Guns pit in Brownsburg, about 20 minutes from Hawkesbury. I usually like pit riding late season because of good water drainage. We set up two improvised tracks when we go there. ( I dont't like mud ) E-mail me if you want to get together some time! Can be available most Sunday afternoons.

Is that the sand pit beside the campsite.

I was there 2 sundays ago.

Yes, it's called Guns pit. It is off to the left as you head out of Brownsburg. There is also another track at the Miller pit in Arundel. You can get there by continuing straight past Gun's toward Laurel, then to Arundel. It's about 15 min out of St-Jovite / Mt-Tremblant area. It may be too slick to ride this time of year as the Miller kids set up the jumps with clay. Check out Sandy Lee again, there is a Harescrable next weekend the 27 or 28. Call John, he can fill you in. I wont be able to go.

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