Blue vs. Orange

I'm lookin for a ripper. Can anyone tell me the differences between a WR450f and a KTM450EXC besides the fact that the orange one I can put a plate on in NJ.

I posted on this yesterday, at least i thought i did, this is what i remember wrighting, There is no doubt about it the blue beast will always win, just look at there reputation.

I'd like to know the answer to that question too, but until a WR450 is available for someone or some magazine to actually ride, it is going to be tough to know. Right?

I think the exc is better so far but look out.

Ive ridden an '03 YZF450 and let me tell you. they flat out rip. Major power and torque. very, very impressive.

If the '03 WR can be tuned to match the YZF450 I see no need to look any further.

Will be interesting to see how they hold up, not as heavy of swing arm for ’03. Valve springs also got shortened.

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