Wheel question

What do you guys suggest for getting a second set of wheels (rims, spokes and carriers)? I want to get a second set of wheels so I can have a quick switch set of DS tires. I found that my WR has a 19 inch rear rim which is completely incompatible with any DS tire that has street use. So at a minimum I need a rear wheel.

Oh and the bonus is that the bike came with four new rear knobbies so I am definitely not getting rid of that for the strictly dirt stuff.

I changed out the rims and spokes on my 05. Just posted them in the classifieds. So if you want to spend the money on some more hubs ($115 for the rear and 2-something for the front since its machined for the ODO??) you can get these for 90 bucks. Check the yamaha website parts catalog and you should see that the hubs are identical for the 03 and 05.

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