2003 YZ 450 Gearing

I have a 2003 YZ 450 that we use for play riding in the desert. I would like to gear the bike for more top end. The sprockets that are on the bike currently are a 13 tooth front and a 47 tooth rear. Any suggestions would be a great help. Thank You.

try a 14 on the front. That should solve your problem

I would like to gear the bike for more top end.
I would think so. That's a net of two teeth (at the rear) lower than the stock 14/48. I used to run a 15/49 on my '03, which was net two higher than stock.

You're going to want to get rid of the 13 in any case. A 14/47 will only be one tooth higher than stock, but easy to try. 15/47 might be kind of tall in first gear. You might end up changing both sprockets, and even buying more than one front sprocket, but I might go with just changing to a 14 and see how I liked it.

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