Found 650L stator that claims more power.

As anyone seen this stator or have any information on it. I am looking for a little more power for my L and this claims to give more in lower RPMs and everywhere else but doesn't give any numbers. I have sent a question to the seller but haven't heard back yet.

Um, the stator gives you more LIGHTING power, not engine power. The low RPM power they are talking about is the lights/dimming that the factory stator does at low rpms.

I understand. I think the stocker gives 184watts at 5000 rpms but would like to know what this one is up to. I am interested in gaining more electrical power.

It's always worrisome when they say "more watts," but they don't have numbers to back it up.

send the seller a message on its rating/specs.

I just sent the seller a question. I'm curious to know myself why he wouldn't list it in the add. It may only be like a 200W (comparable to Ricky Stator) which isn't much more than the stocker. Maybe enough to add your heated gloves to the circuit though Whitebone!

Thanks for sending another question, maybe he will update it but I think you are right. I don't see them making more than 200w. Not worth the money but I really want a better headlight. Summer I would be good but when plugged in for the cold I may have issues...

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