Don't Do This!

I was in a hurry to change my oil last time. Slammed the drain plug back in and torqued that bad boy down without even noticing that the copper gasket was missing. :) To make matters worse I didn't use a torque wrench and over tightened it. Below is the result of my stupidity! :D This cost me serveral hours on the garage floor playing dentist and drilling on Big Blue. Hope she forgives me!? :D

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[ April 11, 2002: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

Mabe you need to lighten up on the Steriods there Paul.....I didn't think it was possible to overtorque to the point of destruction by hand....Thanks for the warning..Lesson Learned on this end.

Bonzai :)


How bout this one. I forgot to tighten up the drain plug in the frame. Just took off riding with the neighbor. Got a couple miles from the house when my buddy caught up to me and made me stop. As soon as I stopped, I noticed oil burning on the engine. Looked down, **** my pants, and saw the plug was gone. After getting it home I pulled the bottom plug and about 2/3 of a quart came out so I guess I was lucky.

I'm hearing more and more of those stories lately. I think Im gonna put my tank bolt in a vise this weekend and drill a small hole in the bolt cap and safety wire it to the frame. Might even do it with my Magnetic Drain plug as well.

Man I would hate to get out in the middle of nowhere and sieze my engine.

Bonzai :)

PMAUST, youre going to be in even more trouble if your signifigant other sees that your using her cutting board for a workbench! :)

And if thats not a cutting board,...nice workbench!!!

You brut. Did you get any shavings in the case? :)

Darin, that is actually a paper towel rack. My wife replaced it with something else so I now use it on my work bench. I have been using those heavy duty reusable paper shop towels. They work great.

Doug, I cleaned the inside threads with q tips soaked in kerosene. Then dried it off and used an extension magnet to get the remaining metalic particles. Not too many if any actually got into the case.

The metal in this bolt is very soft. When I first tried to get it off with the wrench just rounded the bolt head. I then tried to use vice grips. No matter how tight I got the vice grip on it just cut through the metal bolt head. I then tried using a hammer and chisel to try and see if I couldn't turn it out enough to unscrew the rest of the way. The punch and chisel just started cutting through the metal. Thats when I decided that I would have to drill it out. Bottom line. Just don't over tighten or there will be hell to pay. Thats why I posted this. So others could learn from my mistake.

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