Will this end up on E-bay?

Just bought the Tera-Flex, tread pattern 2.

Check this bad boy out...

Click Here

I bought the biggest size that they make, 140/80-18.

I SWEAR that I have heard guys saying that they have stuffed that size on their bikes, but I cannot confirm.

Will it shoe-horn on there?

I sure hope so....


you might need to use a propane torch or heat gun to reshape the mudflap so tire doesnts rip it off.i have a 130\80 irc m5b on my bike it clears swingarm no problem only thing i did was reshape mud flap

Yes the 140/80/18 will fit just fine. You will have to manipulate the Brake Caliper when inserting it because of the tread width, but once past the caliper everything else is fine.

Bonzai :)

it also depends on length of your chain and how far back wheel is adjusted in swingarm you might have to add a chain link.if your wheel is all the way forward you will rip off mud flap first time you roll bike backwards.


Can you post of photo of it when you get it mounted on the bike? I'd be interested to see how it fits/looks.


Yeah, when I do get it mounted, I will post a pic. I still have some decent lugs on my current 606 (and I just might drive some ice screws in it for some winter fun!) so it might be a while before I mount it.

On the other hand, when that thing arrives I might not be able to wait........

That tire is made by the same company that make the SuperSwampers and Thornbird's for big muddin' rigs. Did I say the price? It was $80 bones to my door. Thought that was pretty competitive.



Is that the DOT version? And are you going to try one on the front, too? Keep us posted how it works.

I have a brand new D606 front, and this Tera-Flex will be my rear. Both are DOT approved. When I mount it, I will post pictures, as well as periodically post wear, traction provided in differing terrian, as well as conditions (wet/dry).


I used them a couple of times in the early 80's, i believe that they are steal belted? The wear was good , but the tire is an all-around tire not really great in one area. The one thing that i do remember is the weight , very heavy!

I would still pick the Kenda over that.

I must admit it looks impressive,kinda fancy but dosn't look like it will perform well off road.

yo fellas

why do you use so big tires (140).

I'm very happy with the traction I'm getting with my 100/100/18 or 120/xx/18? Do I miss something here?

Sabin, Good point! I've had a 140 on my WR and I hated it (not the Teraflex). I like a little wheelspin to get the bike up to speed. Although that tire looks like you could climb Widowmaker with it, it puts too much resistance to the rear wheel. Brandon, have fun with it and I'll see you at E-bay. :)

sabin,for most terrain i also like a thinner tire especially on smaller cc bike.i feel they tract better and easier to get out of a ruts.without some wheelspin especially coming out tight corner bike will lug or stall.there are 2 places wider is better on street and hillclimbs.when hillclimbing the more rubber contacting ground the better.my bike is dual sported i can tell you from experience you dont need wheelspin on street.i dont know how many times ive almost gone done from lack of traction.it just takes a hair to much throttle to break tire loose especially when you have bike leaned over in turn.

Well, first things first. I received the tire yesterday, and this tire is a little intimidating. Everybody here at work is giving me grief.

"Damn, that is a big tire", "Your gonna be dredging new rivers with that thing" and the such. This tire is big!


But, the tire is not heavy as previously thought. It feels fairly light, but I have not put it on a scale.

And, for those still wondering, it is DOT APPROVED!

Looking at that 606, I don't think it will be long until I mount this thing.....


Dang that looks like a monster..........I'd love to give one of them a shot.......I'll be curious as to how it wears......guess we'll see!


Dodger :):D

OH... MY... GOD!!! I think I just gizzed all over myself! Thank you sir... I just found my next Rear Tire... though not 140 size though.

Damn... that thing is SEXY... I love how it's got lotsa space in between the knobs... bet she rides much better in soft stuff. However, bet she wears-out real fast with street miles.

I keep telling all my friends that they owe it to themselves to try this tire. It grabs on to anything, and it surprisingly does not get ate up by the streets.

You will be happy, but the tire size is limited....

Now you can sub your scooter out as a "Ditch Witch" and make "Much Dinero". :)

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