How to convert a wet sump back to dry

hi i was just wondering how easy it would be to covert a wet sump

yzf 450 04 back into a dry sump as i have been told that dry sumps

are more reliable. also i have been told by one person that it has to

pumps and that who ever converted it may have taken one out

and the person suggested it was just a plate that needs changing .

so anyone one who has some info please let me know cheers

Looking at the pump assembly below, a wet sump conversion is done by removing the return pump rotors and pin (2 & 3) and replacing them with a simple spacer. The separator plate visible on the back of the feed pump (1) is also replaced with one that allows oil to flow from the sump screen directly into the feed pump. The oil lines (18 & 24) are then removed and replaced by bolt-on plugs.

If the original return pump and plate parts are available to you, you only need to replace the separator plate on the feed pump, and reinstall the return pump rotors. Then remove the plugs blocking the external oil ports and reinstall the lines.

If you don't have the original parts, you will need items 1, 2, 3, 4, 18, and 23, along with two O-rings, 19 & 25.


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