scotts shark fin - need ur help

i just recieve that from scotts and dont have any instructions how to install it. need pictures or step by step, the bike is not here at mom so i cant c how,

Ok, this is a simple job.....

Remove your wheel, I`m assuming that the mounting of the caliper/bracket is the same/similar as my WR 98`. The whole assembly should come sliding right off of the swing arm.... Once the unit is off, all you have to do is slide off the caliper from the bracket and slide your caliper on your new Scotts Shark Fin and reassemble everything.

hope this helps

If I remember correctly the shark fin replaces one piece of the caliper mount and you have to take one of the "floating pins" out of the stock caliper bracket and insert it into the Scotts.

When you wrench it down, be careful, it is aluminum.

And dont forget to re-grease the pins with Hi-Temp grease!!! :)

I think you`re right MOmilkman... it`s been a while since I installed it and I forgot about the pin that has to be moved....

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