Rear sprockets

Wot seems to be a good compromise on the rear sprocket size ?? I have got a standard 50 on at the moment but thinkin of droppin to 47 (smallest listed in local shop) anyone got any experience of running a 47, will it still pull well enough off-road and give me the same road speed for less revs ??


Mine came with a 47 tooth sprocket.

The guy befor rode allot on the road.

I can't wait to put a bigger sprocket on.

It really sucks in the woods.

Just get a 15 tooth front for street riding and

keep the 14 for the woods.

Every tooth on the front is like 4 less on the rear.

I run 15/47 gearing on my WR. First gear is low enough for tight trails, and fifth gear is good for 100mph, cruises good at about 60mph.

I started with a 51, went to a 52, and wound up with a 53 tooth rear on the advise of yamakaze. Man, I love that 53 rear. I can climb a steep hill in 2nd gear. I dont mean I can just climb, I mean I can fly up them there hills. I generally ride in 2nd, 3rd, and forth. 70MPH in 5th is about as fast as I want to go in the woods. I really dont want to go that fast but some times I scare the heck out of myself on the long straights. I just love the feel of power in all gears. If you love to get on it, looking for the monster 2 stroke hit, go 53.

53 rear, what did you do with your rear chain guide??

Glad you like the 53 tooth sprocket...Man I love it...Your absolutel right, 70 MPH in 5th gear through the woods is faster than ANY Pro runs in any Cross Country race, and its great as well for the MX track. The climbing power behind the 53 is AWESOME in 2nd or 3rd gear...While everyone else is maxing out rpms to get up the hill, I'm in 3rd about 1/2 throttle rippin up the terrain. The Michelin 140/80/18 S-12 rear tire really brings out the torque carrying ability of the 53 as well.

BB the angle of the chain basically remains the same and does not cause the chain guide insert to self distruct. I change mine about once a year like before.

Bonzai :)

My favorite thing about the BIG rear sprocket is moving the rear wheel forward.

If it ain't tank slappin' it ain't turning either.

14/52 is my standard combo.

Don't know wot is on the front (haven't had the cover off yet) with the 50 tooth rear but runnin to work it run's happily at 130 kmh (got to be around 80mph) and don't sound to stressed, I think I will try the 15 front first and take it fom there


how is your fuel consummation with 53?

It's roughly the same as it was before the change. But since both my bikes are for off-road racing it will vary depending on the track conditions and elevation changes. I also changed my 99 WR tank to a 00 426 tank and seat. I'm still pitting after about 45 miles with just under 1/2 a tank during GNCC's.

Bonzai :)

Who thinks the rear wheel forward is better? I lengthened my chain to keep the wheel in the middle of the marks. Does the wheel forward change the turns that much?

I only ride desert and I try to make my wheel sit as far back in the swingarm as possible to add some stability. Racing MX is different.

Yes, a shorter wheelbase will help the bike in the tight stuff. For your 14/3T combo, I would think a 115 link chain. I run the 14/52 and use the stock 114 link chain. With the 114, there isn't much room between the tire and swingarm. But, as Dan points out, this is at the sacrafice of some high speed stability.


Thats exactly why I run a 116 link chain, that gets my rear wheel a little farther back and more stabil...I countered sliding the rear wheel back with pulling the forks up in the stock's by 3/4 of an inch, which accomplished the same tight turning radius.

Bonzai :)

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