New product for the XR650r or dirtbike in general

Hi Everyone,

I have a project in college, and we need to design and build a new product, I would like to know what you, the XR650 rider, would love to have made that is either not made now, made poorly now, ect. Please let me know.

Thanks in advance for you replies

1: An affordable ignition timing module that is adjustable.

This seems to be A very much talked about subject for us who own/ride/mod our XR650L's...

A ready to install fuel injection system! I believe everyone would jump on that if it was under 1k. Better fuel economy, more horse power, less emissions and most of all never having to mess with a carberator ever again!

+1 on the EFI...

Although the timing module would IMO be cheaper.

These are great ideas, keep them coming

6th Speed

a quick change axle for the front wheel??? its just one thats not normal

Some type of zerk fitting kit for your steering stem bearings..

- A XR650R engine with 25% less rotating internal mass

a quality mechanical tachometer, not flimsy plastic Chinese crap with jerry-rigged senders

6th Speed

6th speed would be nice

6th speed would be nice

That wouldn't be too bad, but it would be a little hard to accomplish in 10 weeks. Although, I have yet to top out my 650R and I had to be doing at least 105 this weekend. I was cruising past cars on I-80, which was parallel to the road I was on.

A ready to install fuel injection system! under $1k. Better fuel economy,

EFI system that is bulletproof, properly pre-filtered so the mexican gas can't turn to sludge.

Electric start kits under $800

Direct injection sytem? Can you retrofit an engine to do this?

Stronger and lighter gears.

A head with a shorter stroke & shorter rod?

the efi could be very do able in ten weeks, especially if you have a group of people with some mechanical skills working on it. i will even give you some incentive, you figure it out and get it working, and i will purchase the first production model :cool:

Good to know, I will run it by the group

A better airfilter for the XR650R. Seems like you can't ever get the thing to seal well, especially when in the desert silt.

Definitely not a 6th gear as i'd have to go WFO and it's already way fast.

The EFI is a cool idea,so's the rotating mass thingamabob.

Some type of zerk fitting kit for your steering stem bearings..

I've already done that.


{here's something simple}Adjustable fork caps for the preload on the springs.(Like the drz-s i had in 2000.)It's works good if your going to ride in the sand for a day.

How about some sort of clamp on, or bolt on heat sink(s) for the head on the 650L. They used to make caps with heat sinks on them that go where the valve inspection caps go. It seems many here have high heat issues with these bikes. Maybe some extended head fins that clamp on in sequence, or some sort of finned oil lines to act as a dual purpose oil line/oil cooler.

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