XR600R A Bike Is Born Sicily

Ciao tutti!!

:applause: I want to say hello and thank you all to many hours of really good reading here on TT, for the insperation and for have giving me the guts to follow throu with this rebuilding. Im a swedish student that living on Sicily, I have a girlfriend and I love the climat down here. Today we had like 17degrese (celcius).. I have some really good things going on on my bike. It was a stock oildripping Honda XR600 from 98 that I buoght for a bargin:applause: .. I started to take of some some of the stickers and ended upp tearing the hole bike apart..Thats life..

My plan is:

Have XL600 cylinder 100mm 628cc

Not High comp. piston from JE 10.8:1

Have Hotcam 1

Not Hotrod coneting rod

Have Xr650r carburator (with smaller jets)

Have Xr650l intake rubber 60mm

Have K&N airfilter

Not SKF crankberings (sweden)

Have Cr500 USD front forks ("If" the front rim touch the ground 140$ ebay US)

Have Xr250 oli cooler (2 stay cool 15€ ebay france)

Not Blackbird racing grafics (Made In Italy)

Have Honda Xr650l rear pegs (10$ ebay)

Have Xr600r Original digital meter speed unit (overkill but cheap)

Not Fmf powerbomb and a matching slipon

Not A "light" porting job

Have Braking rotor front new

Have New Ek chain

Have Fron light US modell but with Hi/lo

Have means that I got it and "not" means not yet.

So now I would like to know what you guys think. Do you think 628cc is enough? Jetting options? Piston? Fmf powerbomb? A light portin job? I want to have the power early. Im not so intressted to have all the power in the end..Please let me know if you have any ideas :busted: or suggestions.

I have pic's if someone is intressted... :cool:

Pics are always good! That will make a great running, reliable, torque monster.

The old lady before teardown.... DSCF2915.jpg

My new old frontforks from a CR500


My new old cylinder.. I know that I have to do some work on it but I got it cheap. Glas blasting and maby rebore to 101mm if I must.. Its in really good shape (the bore)..


Some more sweet stuff.. Tool bag "Made in Bolivia" I like it

Speedo xr "Old school" i think it was standard in 86" DSCF3091.jpg


My oil cooler just arrived 15€ of ebay france.. :busted: There is a oil cooler for a xr400 on www.ebay.co.uk. anyway.. I Will update some fotos on the frame soon.. Hope you like the pic!! CiaoDSCF3323.jpg

Whats that from a XR250?

It is a oil cooler!!Yes!! I don't know the exact year but they are all the same.. The one for th

e xr400 is bigger but a gott this one cheap.. The fact is that Im going for a piston with higher compression (more heat)and the weather down here can be really warm. I had my first 46 degrease celcius last summer... :busted: Im just playing safe :-). Wanted!!![U]pics on the welding for the buddy pegs[/u]!!!!Wanted

Buonasera tutti!

Its time once again for some input. The frame is sand blasted and welded for the new passanger pegs (xr650l style) and the oil cooler: I decided to go for the big dady oil cooler (xr400)I putt the xr600 stearing steam on the cr500 YOKE.. perfect match even with the stearing lock:applause: . The cylinder is preperd for the JE 101 piston and the dowel pin and bolt flang was machined to xr600r spec. The Hot rod connecting rod is on place the old one had lived a hard life with to hot, to less and dirty oil.. I took some pics

I sold the speedo and now want to go for the vapor unit,

That's all for today

Enjoy.. I need help furter on with the carb.. Jets ecc ecc. The carb is from a stock Europe version XR650R..


WELCOME TO TT i have been to Italy quite a few times AHHHH i remember a few ladies too WOOHOOO we went to Camp Darby right near Pisa and that was awesome!!!! would go down there for work and drive from Germany on a 4 day weekend when we rented a Opel and rolled about 115 the whole way LOL good ole times.

Buonasera tutti!


Welcome, you must be single or have a very understanding wife.

nice job..are you gonna paint the frame or powdercoat it?i powdercoatd mine and the result was very good.Keep us updated

Im going for a normal paint job because a can't find anyone here on Sicily to help me with the powdercoat.. Vernicatura a polvere a forno

Ok its time once agian for some updates.. The frame is panted and I just started to put everything together.. Look how close the oil cooler is to the forks.. The first problem will be the front wheel, its not in the center.. and the next thing will be the exhuast, the buddy pegs are inte the way. :prof: But she is nice, I cant wait to take here out for a spin:ride:


Any updates on this project?

keep going with the pics and updates..i love it !!

Hello once again!! One thing that suck with being a student is that you dont have €€€ or $$$ to spend on your pig.. My little resturation is not on hold but I will have to admit that its going slowly.. 1 of 10 for my spelling..

My bike in this moment



I have a new seat cover and seat foam on and the forks are going to recive a new set of springs and the wheel hubs are going to be powder coated with new spokes with black rim..

I will be back soon with more updates:ride:

looking good!!

What kind of tank and graphics are you going to put on the bike? I can't imagine with all the work you are doing that you will leave the old one on?

Ciao! No Im going to use a red tank with blackbird racing stickers.

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