Which Renthal bars are similar to stock?

I want to replace the stock bars with Renthals with similar rise and width, any recomendations?

So bloody many! Thanks

This is on a 2002 426

yamaha hi bends.i have a pair ill sell you cheap.they were only on my bike for one ride.they werent tall enough for me.i ended up buying new triple clamp and azonics cr hi bends.they are like brand new[except i cut 1/2in off each end.]$40 and that includes set of [white]brushguards.

Thanks for the offer but I am in the UK!

you can punch up www.renthal.com. I do believe they have the specs there.

I purchased (McGrath bend) Renthals for extra $$. I found out (via the numbers) the bend is VERY similiar to the stock WR bars, which ARE cheaper.

CR Hi or CR Low are generally considered the most ergonomic, unless you are wicked tall.

The Stock bars have been the McGrath bend for the past couple years. Just get the standard 7/8 Renthals MC bend.

if you look up specs on mcgrath's bend and yamaha hi-bend the are same.you just pay $10 extra for mc's name

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