bike dies after running help

i have a 04 450f last week i got a leak in a coolent hose and all coolent leaked out of the bike. i think the bike over heated because the bike started to bog and pop and then just died. i got the bike home fixed the leak the bike started right up and ran fine.went riding the bike ran fine for about a half hour or so and did the same thing but no fluid leak this time . took the bike home and runs fine.what the :cool: is wrong any thoughts .please help:cry:

Well it could be a couple of things, but it definetly sounds heat related. If all the regular maintainence items have been covered ie: valve clearence, air filter, engine oil. I would check the electrical system. I have seen on some occasions the pick-up coil on the generator melting if the bike got to hot. It will start fine cold and up to a point then when it will start to pop and sputter/miss until it cools down, which would be quite a while with the oil inside the cases being warm/hot a hour or so after you quit running it.

I now it's not the same bike, but I have seen this countless times on older air cooled XR's that have over heated and the oil cooked the pick up and generator. The lack of coolant in your bike may have done the same thing. Get you multimeter and check the resistance per the factor manual.

Thats my .02

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