XR650R parts in Starkville MS USA area

I'm off to Mississippi (Starkville) on business soon, anyone know of any good motorbike shops in the area that stock good things for the BRP ... got to be the R version, not the weedy L. Of great interest is a full Two Brothers zorst system. :cool:

I'm in TN a couple of hours north of Starkville and used to ride in MS until our place burned last year. The xR650R isn't that popular in this region as it is in CA and the Wide-open riding areas. (more woods riding here) I have one but have mail-ordered everything I have done to it. If you want an exhaust sys...figure out a way to mail order it. Any Dealer will most likely be more expensive. Sorry if this is inconvenient.

Ya know I have FM Q pipe on my R .it's a nice pipe and all it's queite .but the Honda pipe makes more power (w/tip)

I first bought the Honda ex. tip and was very happy w/power but it's loud .it's also only about 80$ .

Get the manifold and jetting from HRC then remove air box vents.

It will all cost less then a new pipe.

O ya I almost forgot IT WILL RIP ASS

Already done all that buddy, mine is fully uncorked and as you say rips a$$. I still can't help dreaming about an FMF pipe or something, will see what I find state-side. Maybe like the chap above says, it will have to wait till my next CA trip. Where is the best place to get XR stuff in California anyway? Anyone know any good shops there?

I would say Xr's only if you will be in so.cal.

Just tried to access the site, and its been suspended?

I just was on XRs only web page ? How is that suspended ? :busted: I know you will have a very good answer as always and I will look stupid :worthy:

Works now. Yesterday I tried to get on at one point and it said this acct has been suspended...:busted:

The www.xrsonly.com site is transfering servers. They will be back up by Monday.

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