Someone stop me, quick!!!!!!!

I thought about mentioning the idle as well but I'm always afraid of insulting someones intelligence.:busted:

Man, insulting my intelligence is old news, don't even worry about it! I ain't ashamed to admit that I'll take all the help I can get! :applause:

Today was another busy day that I couldn't find time to mess with the bike. I'll try the idle adjustment thing tomorrow and see how it goes.

Thanks for the tips. :cool:

+1 on the idle being too low. The same thing happened to me recently, had my suspension revalved and during the takedown I guess I loosened the idle screw. Prior to removing the suspension my bike (96' XR600 68 pilot,158 main) would start 1st or 2nd kick. When I out it all back and tried to start it wouldn't go. I knew I hadn't done any motor mods so I was scratching my head(after several vulgar outbursts) and recalled the idle screw. Show nuff', it kicked right over when I idled up. Try it.

Do it pop on decel,68 pilot would be a bit small i'd think unless your at elevation.

Oh and the idle thing as well.

I had one do this years ago.Try a leaner float level, the float might be sinking a little.

I'll give ya a hundred for it if you are that pissed at it.(before you shoot it)

I'll give ya a hundred and fiftey. Definatly BEFORE :cool: you shoot it....

It's fixed! Woo-hoo! :prof::p

And to all of you that offered advice.... :cool::eek::lol:

I honestly don't remember what fuel screw setting I ended up at (I'll check it later), but the idle setting apparently was the trick. :worthy:

I took kawabuggy's (and others) advice and turned the idle up about 1/2 turn, and it started on the second kick.:applause:

The exact routine was:

  • Kick 3x with decomp lever engaged (to prime cyl.).
  • Full choke
  • Release decomp lever and slowly kick until I feel compression build.
  • Engage decomp lever and kick about 10 degrees past TDC.
  • Release decomp lever and bring kick lever to top.
  • Kick like ya got a pair!

Once the bike has warmed up, I just drop the idle level a little.

I did this Saturday morning before I went to the gun show and it worked. I was gone all day and repeated Sat. night and it worked again!

Sunday I went riding with my son and the same routine worked again.

That's three consecutive attempts from a dead cold engine and all three times my bike lit off within 2-3 kicks.

I admit that I don't understand why it works, though.

Doesn't a higher idle adjustment just crack the slide open a bit to let more air in? My bike isn't running rich on the slow circuit, though. I went from a 65pj to the 68pj because of some popping down low and an erratic return to idle, which I think means too lean on the slow circuit.

I don't friggen care. It works fine now and I aint gonna mess with it!

Thanks guys for all the help and letting me vent. :busted::crazy:


Glad to hear you got it figured out. Where did you go riding?

:applause::busted: 90% of the time it's something simple. Glad you got it starting right.:cool:

Glad the world is right for you once more.. nice looking piggy..:cool:

What a releif!!

What a releif!!

i know i was getting ready to throw something at the Sploog!!! LOL im sure this will be one to remember for a while. I dont remember alot about idle making it so hard to start. Good job Sploog

If the idle is too low, the throttle plate isnt letting any air in. I've done it to mine!:cool:

Maybe it's your OLD starting procedure on your NEW motor that's giving you trouble.

Now that you have opened her up, you need to give her more gas.

- 5 kicks with no gas and decompression on

- Gas on, three squirts

- Raise the idle

- TDC, and kick.

- NO choke

i know i was getting ready to throw something at the Sploog!!! LOL im sure this will be one to remember for a while. I dont remember alot about idle making it so hard to start. Good job Sploog

I was gettin' nervous, afraid I might not get it figgered out before April, afterall, I gotta go find that Husky Memorial in the desert this spring.

You gonna make it for the weekend camp-out, Denn'? Shootin' for April or May.

SPLOOGE, take a look at the sticky I have posted...

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