400-426-450 questions

i used to own a 1999 yzf 400 and loved it[ecept the wieght]never rode any of they 426-450s

which of these[by year]would best compare to the 400[engine?]

and how do they compare to each other by year?

Any of the 426's will feel a lot like the 400... very little change between the 2. The 03-05 450's have a feel of their own, as do the 06-09 450's that are not very much like the 98-02 400/426.

the newer the bike the better.

All very similar, especially the 98-02 bikes since they have the same ergos. The 03-05s is a much flatter profile, then the aluminum frames started 06-09 with newer and better ergos.

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