New yz 450f on TT for $6199.00

I asked and they have a 2 year promotion with payments at $69 a month at 8.99% and if not paid off it goes to 21% after 2 years. They require no down payment and you can finance 100% if you like. I am actually going tomorrow instead of Tuesday and also got a 08 KLX110 for $1500 for my son too. Really wanted the TTR110 but they don't have one and they don't have the same deal either.

If I wasn't waiting for an 09, if Kentucky wasn't so far away, if.... damn bikes...

I saw the ad and I didn't believe it so I called at lunch today and they just sold the last one to someone in Canada.

Apparently he received a double order and was going to have to start paying on the floor plan.

So yes it was true!

$5133 for an 08 YZF450!!!



I called to out of curiousity and to see if those prices will be around later.

Unfortunately no :busted:

One time deal. If there was a deal in a month or so there was a possibility of me going from red to blue after my tax refund, LOL.

It was true, I was the Canadian that got that bike. It was well worth the drive!

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