Turbo Boost Your Bike

How do YOU shift gear under hard acceleration ??

I bet 90% of you who moved recently from road to dirt do just like I do (or did). You accelerate in 2'nd then quick as a flash you do all the following in combination as fast as you can: lay of the throttle very slightly, clutch in, shift to 3'rd, clutch out, on with the throttle. Going fast yet ? Satisfied? Got enough HP for the kicks you like ?

If NOT then the next bit is for you.

DONT let the throttle off AT ALL when shifting. Keep it wide open for ALL of the acceleration. And do exactly the same shifting procedure as quick as you can.

You wont ruin your engine.

You will need new underwear.

Just make sure you have enough room to brake.

See how many free horsepower you gained ?

The difference blew me away, even though I thought I was shifting fast before.

:D I never use the clutch, when shifting up or down, well nearly never any way LOL I do however just dip the throttle to take the strain off the box while I shift,

I am not sure how the dogs in the shift mech will take the strain of flat out shifting :) Kinda expensive if they go!

Of course if you hold it flat long enough the rev limiter will let you shift without doing the dogs in! LOL :D


Missile, we call that speed shifting in the US. You hold the throttle wide open, fan the clutch as you upshift, and like you said, make sure you have room to run out.

yup do the same thing with my FZ1.

ya better be holding on tight though

Guy, Good topic. Even with my Hebo being as light as it is I rarely use it out side of 1st gear. I too back off the throttle to give the gearbox a break. I've been riding these bike this way for four years with the WR's and I've had ZERO tranny problems!! But now that I think about it when im on a leisure trail ride I will use the clutch more.

[ April 12, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

I always use the clutch though it seems a moot gesture when downshifting a lot of times. Habit I guess. As far as the stress on the tranny when speed shifting, if done correctly the transition in the gear box is actually pretty smooth and it's really the clutch that takes the abuse.

:D Yeah when I re-read Missile's post I realized he meant to use the clutch, Doh! teach me to read proper like! Not being a clutch user I'll have to consiously try this and see what happens :)

Back in my roadracing days (with free access to a dyno), I tried the different shifting combos. After all was said and done, the quickest way to accelerate was to let off the throttle slightly, and up, then lay back on the throttle, without touching the clutch. When you "speed shift", you take the chance of destroying your shift dogs/gearbox combo...Seen it happen, very expensive, and you'll be burning clutch plates.

Of course, you can also install a quick shifter that cuts the ignition, allowing true, full throttle upshifts. Not that's scary.

Re-read...you USE the clutch but don't back off on the throttle. If you are skeptical, give it a try, you WILL be amazed.

Yes, I understand what you wrote. However, You'll be losing more drive by pulling in the clutch, and you will probably fry your clutch within several races. As far as the tranny, when you re-engage the clutch, ther will still be great pressure working on the shift dogs and forks.

But hey, if it works for you, accelerate on!

I once had a '78 RM250C. I found that I could leave the throttle wide open and click up without the clutch for some incredibly fast shifts - instant acceleration. The tranny blew up a few weeks later.

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