Clydesdales, what springs are you using

I just got back from riding at a new BLM/Park Service MX track here in Salida. Two of my friends and I were asked to take the first ride and give the BLM/Park Service our opinions. I to was so cool. :) Any way I will get to the point.

The jumps are 30 to 60 feet in length and I was 10 to 15 feet in the air. Some of the jumps were pretty hairy for me and bigger than I normally jump. I cleared all but the 60-foot triple, but was bottoming out pretty hard. I am 6'3" and 245-250. I have stock springs and compression and rebound set more for stiff on the trails more than MX.

My question is what have you done to your suspension to handle your weight? I am going to order some new springs as soon as possible and mess with my settings until then. Any tricks I should know of oil weight, level, etc.


To get an accurate assessment of what Race Tech recommends as far as fron and rear springs go, Get out to their web site and fill out theDirt Bike/ Bike Profiles form. It will tell you exactly what you need.

Bonzai :)

Thanks Yamakaze, I will check it out. :)


The BLM/Park Service built a mx track down there for you guys? How cool is that? Too bad Salida is such a long drive...

Yeah it is very cool, from what I understand it is the only MX track on BLM land in the country. They have a little kid's track, an intermediate track, and an advanced track, one-mile loop.

It was built at an area (big bend, you san see it from 285) where people have been riding for years. The area was getting trashed, and rather than close it they built a track! All of the tracks run clockwise through the woods. I am very impressed with the job they have done. The only draw back is that ATV is allowed to use it because it is public, but I don't see them making many of the jumps.

I hate to slander anyone, but it was ATV's who were trashing the place to begin with. :) Any way I am very excited. The only requirements are helmet and eye protection, 99 db or less, and parks pass. One time passes are $3 per person.

If any of you are in the area riding trails and want some air time just look for the signs on the highway for big bend. :D :D :D

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