Glamis Dune Jump

Went riding in Glamis last weekend. Pro FMXer Myles Richmond happened to be in our crew. Got some sweet pix of him blasting over a dune. Probably a 60-70 foot gap, and most of the time he landed all the way off the backside, near 100 foot jump! On a stock 08 crf450 plus an fmf pipe. pretty impressive. I have some videos too, i'll have them uploaded soon.






thats badass... i cant wait until spring break... little sahara ftw

awesome pics:applause:

cool pics!

i love sand...

That is badass. The dunes could use some rain and a blow job to smooth it back out.

i was there last weekend. i wish i would have seen that


its people like that that are just not right in the head!!!!! LOL

How cool would that be to ride the dunes with Myles! Kickass.


Did u ever post up the video footage?

That's got to be more than a 60-70 foot gap.....:prof:


Thanks for posting! :prof:

thats so BIG!!! I jump maybe 10-15feet and feel like iam flying. I cant imagen the balls that takes!!

thats sikk.

huge jump. :prof:

Thats A Big Ass Jump

aauuuggggggggg, i want to ride the dunes SOOOOOOO bad

That's bigger than 60-70ft..

I've done 60 ft tables at tracks and they are nothin like that...

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