Clutch didn't disengage?

I was in a desert race and I was in a area where I was fanning the clutch lever quite a bit. I then noticed when I tried to shift, I would pull in the clutch lever and it would not disengage. It did a little but not fully. It went away though. It might of got hot. Does anyone know what causes this? Do I need to replace something? I have a 05 450 with a few thousand miles on it.

your clutch basket may be notched.

An overheated clutch plates tend to swell, thereby causing the incomplete disengagement. fiddle with the lever adjuster, that is why it is there and is such a large knob.

When I set a clutch cable up, I looses the in-line or engine adjuster first. Then I set the lever adjust about midway. Then I set the cold slack to the rec. amount of free-play at the lever.

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