flywheel weight?

What does changing the flywheel weight do for your bike? Pros/Cons?

just go get one

i spent a year thinking about it

a year of stalling,,,, wheel spinning ,,,,, abusing the clutch,,,, over heating ,,,,

put a 10oz steahly flywheel wieght on.

it has improved the bike loads and no draw backs that i have yet found.

best money spent so far

DITTO.....I've got a 12oz and is almost impossible to stall..Well worth the money.

Bonzai :)

Banff, I ran a weight on my WR400 (at the time) and really liked it alot. The pros (IMO) are: It turns the bike into a tracker on hill climbs, it keeps the motor more stable and mellows the hit just a little and if you have a problem with stalling the weight will fix that for sure.

The cons (IMO) are: The bike won't have the instant snap off the bottom. That's probably good. That's it.

I don't have one on my WR426 only because I like the harsh snap and hit of the motor just like it is. By the way, When I fist got on my WR I had a tough time with stalling because I've always ridden 250cc two strokes and wasn't use to the characteristics of the four stroke. But the flywheel weight helped me get use to the bike and eventually I took it off.

Good luck, I was just in Canada (Vancouver) last week, im speechless how beautiful your country is.

DL :)

[ April 12, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

yeah dan

i rode a friends bike with a 10oz flywheel wieght on , it felt very tame,, and a little slow off the bottom. thats why i held off getting one.

though i eventually gave in an installed one, and can honestly say that it has made no noticeble diferance to the way the bike picks up. dunno how this can be that it affected one bike so diferently. the only differance was he was running a tapered header pipe,, dunno if that could of had anything to do with it.

also the flywheel wieght has helped with starting for some reason.

Add the weight and a Wiesco 13 -1 piston, race gas and all will be fine

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