suspension tuning 101

I have seen this question asked 3564891.2 times with rile no help other than people posting that every one should do a search. When a search is done all you get is the 3564891.2 post saying to do a search. Is there a way for us lamens to get a sticky with settings as in 2 click out or 3 clicks in (something we can all understand) with approximate rider weights for settings? If every one that does know about suspension was to give up a few clicks here and there and it was made into a sticky at the top maybe all the 3564891.2 post will go away.


(ME): Hello I am 6'1" @ 225lbs and ride an 01 426 and I am ignorant to suspension tuning.

(some one with MUCH more knowledge than me on this subject):Let me help you out with this. You say you are 6'1" @ 225lbs first off you need to lose weight.

OK now that we have that out of the way here.


compression - ? - clicks out

rebound - ? - clicks out


First set you sag. Race and static sag (this has been done)

HS compression damping - ? - turns out

low compression - ? - clicks out

rebound - ? - clicks out

And if I have missed anything please add.

If we could get this in about 5lb increments I think it would make a lot more people understand suspension tuning in just seeing how the settings change as the riders weight changes.

The first thing to do is get the correct springs for your weight. I'm 220 lbs and I use a 5.8 spring on the rear and .49's on the front. If you don't have the right springs, the clickers won't do much for you.

Also, the 426's have horrible valving from the factory. Sending your suspension out to a good tuner is one of the best mods you can do.

Let me see if I can explain this to you. First, your idea won't work. The reason it won't is because absolutely everyone has a different riding style, riding location, skill level, and dare I say, preference. In fact your settings will likely be different for different conditions you ride in from day to day. In the event where I had the same exact bike as you, and I had my suspension completely dialed in, my settings would likely as not be useless to you.

Even when you send your suspension out to a a specialist, odds are you'll either be on the phone with them, or send it back for modification because even those experts aren't you, and they don't know what you like.

This is the best advice I can offer: either send out your suspension to a good shop and get that process started, or read the three links below in order to get your suspension adjusted.

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