WR or YZ, 250 or 450

Newbie here needing some help. First off I 42 y/o, 6'2" and weigh 250. I rode alot growing up but have been into boats the last 15 yrs.This X-mas I bought a new 07' WR 450. I have done the free mods and the bike runs well. It seems were are going to be doing mostly or all Motocross, I thought I was going trail riding which is why I got the WR. So here's my problem, my bike seems to bottom out alot on jumps, and doesn't seem to have as much power as I thought It would. I have ridden my friends new YZ-250, and it seems to handle my weight fine and have as much or maybe more power. Should I keep my bike and upgrade the suspension, and live with the extra weight, or trade it for a New YZ, I don't know what size I would get, but I'm leaning toward the 450 even though the 250 feels fine.

My concerns with each is, weight, lack of power, and suspension never beng as good with the wr-450, Lack of power with the yz-250 as I get more experience but I like the wt, Maybe a little afraid of the wt and power of the yz-450, but I don't really think that would be an issue.

I just don't really want to by another new bike and regret it after a couple of months when hopefully I improve.

Thanks for the help and sorry about the lenth.


The WR does have some extra weight up under the seat with a battery and all plus the lights/starter. I can say this since I have ridden both. WR is a great bike if you want a tame throttle for floggin down low a good bit plus you can ride at night. YZ is smoother up top. Heres the cool thing though. You can drop a couple bucks on a YZ exhaust cam and shebang you got yourself a WZ. Motors are identical with the exception of exhaust cam and a couple of peripherals. You may want then want to adjust the rear spring preload to soak up your xtra weight. I am guessing that your weight is less affecting on the 250 since its lighter all over. :cool:

You need to make a distinction here. Are you talking about a YZ250 or a YZF250? If you're comparing a YZ250 2-Stroke to the WR450, they are similar in power output, just different in the way it's delivered.

At your weight and size, get the WR450. In the real world the weight difference between the 250 and 450 4-strokes is negligible. Anybody telling you different better have a sponsor and a huge semi following them around from arena to arena. At 250 lbs, if you drop 15 of them, you've pretty much taken care of the difference between the bikes...trust me, I know from experience. With the 450 you will NEVER be lacking for power, and can leave it in uncorked form for as long as you need to get used to it. You can then increase things incrementally until you get to max power. To top it off, you get the magic button.

I'm sure someone will chime in and say how that 15 or so pounds is critical and that it's truly an order of magnitude. To that I say, stop shopping in the junior miss section, eat a couple steaks, get to the gym and get real...SC

I think YZ250F is most safty choice.

Funny I was in the same situation. I am your age, and I hadn't ridden in 10 years until I got me 07 WR450F 4 month ago. I actually wanted YZ450F, but I thought YZ450F would be too much for me.

After a couple of rides with free mods + AIS removal kit installed, I started feel that WR's suspensions were too soft even on a desert(note that I only weigh 160LB at 5.7'). There was no way I could take WR on a track. I would be too dangerous.

Then I got me 07 YZ250F strictly for a track riding. I still did not get YZ450F because I still felt YZ450F would be too much for me.


I should have gotten YZ450F in the first place! 250 simply does not have enough power. In order to clear some of the jumps at the track I normally go I would have to go way faster than 450 riders! I don't want to go super fast since I don't race anymore.

I used race on 96' RM250 and 97' RM125 in Japan, and I remember how violent RM250's power was especially on a tiny tracks in my country.

Please do not make the same mistake I made! You should just go get 450 motocrossor.

Sounds like you should have just got a YZ450F.

It doesn't matter what you do to a WR, you cant really make it a YZ.

I got suspension tuning, motor work, and race pipe on my WR450F, but weight is something you can't compensate for.

Having spent some time on a 07 yz450f before I bought my 07 wr450f I think I made the right choice for all but balls out supercross. Sure the Yz hits harder albeit higher in the rev range it also stalls easier,idles eratic and feels heavier (gonna take some heat on that one!) The Yz feels lazy unless tacked out! the Wr is spunkier down low and therefore "lighter feeling". Granted at the track, riding 100% flat out, get the Yz, but if you want to use the bike for anything else the Wr is the ticket. Btw I'm 6'0" and 190lbs, just my 2cents:ride:

I didn't say you are wrong. I know riding 450 is interesting, too. But 250F is sometimes faster than 450F on the track and easier to ride.

Is it possible to agree with everyone. After finally doing the free mods and pulling the baffle out. I love the power. I don't even like to ride the 250f's anymore, sorry just not enough bottom end for my big bottom. I have been really considering a new yz450 though, but taycam now has me thinking. I really wanted it for the suspension and wt savings. But if it is short on low end torque I can see how it might feel heavier. I am not going to ride it in the upper rpm band. I am just a little afaid of spending to much on the WR trying to make it into a YZ and still having the wt.

I think you should at least get a suspension tuning like "Mutu" did if you are doing motocross. I believe it would be definitely safer to ride especially at your weight. The last thing we want to do is get hurt.

I still don't own YZ450F, but had a change to ride it. I loved it. It's lighter and nimbler without any mods you would do with WR. I also found that YZ (both 250&450) is way easier to start.

You may feel more low-end with WR, but I believe it's mostly from gearing.

I will still keep my WR450 because of the Green sticker thing, but if I wasn't in California, I would definitely get a YZ450F.

In my opinion the answer is very, very simple. If you are going to use the bike for Motocross racing get the YZ, but for Enduro WR will be your choice, simple as that...:busted:

I have ridden all five of them, and I prefer the WR for my every day bike. If I was to have one only then it would be the WR450 uncorked but nothing more. I love all their benefits, but overall the WR just is easy to ride with great power and very versatile. If I was going to race then I would ride the WR and have the suspension re-done. I am not huge but weigh 215 at 601. ..Oh I do love the 5th gear roll on Wheelie the YZ450 gives. Fun but just too harsh for a 80-100 mile day.

If you are going to do mostly motocross, then you will want light and snappy. Get the yz250 (assuming you are talking about the 2 stroke).

Get it sprung for your weight and riding style. that's $200 and will prevent the bottoming out.

I would narrow it down to either the WR450 or YZ450. For you height and weight the 250 might start to feel a bit under powered in about 6 months.

I'm only 5'7 and 160 lbs. and I prefer my WR450 for all types of riding. At one point I did own a WR250 and I was always tweaking it for more power.

Just my 2 cents.

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