Rain and Weather

There's still snow on the ground here, despite rain for the last day and a half. It's been wet/raining here since last weekend and more is supposed to fall until Monday night. It's a sloppy mess out there right now.

Theres about 4 in. of snow on the ground right now, and NO sign of stopping! Maybe I'll saddle up the 'ol pig and go slide around awhile!

Got to ride Jawbone/Dove yesterday after all, it was awesome weather was great after all and got some fresh snow tracks in the 1 ft range up towards the 4200 range....Great riding,not too sloppy, have some video will post............:cool:

Just got back from Plaster City. Planned on putting in 125 miles but got 45 instead. Started 5 miles east of plaster city and hit the whoops past PC till you pass that bush area. Turned left towards pole line road and started cutting through the desert.

This is when everything changed. It turned into one big massive ice rink/mud bowl. Our front tires were so covered in mud that they wouldn't turn through the forks. They basically almost locked up and the rear tire wasn't much better. Sliding every which way back and forth with both feet out like training wheels. There was no knobs showing on the tires. Just two huge mud caked monstrosities.

I laid it down once and it felt like I was picking up a 425 lb bike with all the mud on there. :cool:

It took my buddy and me 40 minutes to get the bikes washed off. Mud was squeezing out the front sprocket cover like playdoh out of those squishy noodle machines.:applause:

Needless to say it wasn't quite what we were hoping for. Atleast we got to ride 45 miles and had quite the adventure!:busted:

The ride from Peggy Sue's (off the 15) was cool and dry. We rode up through Mudd Hills, into Hinkley and back. Saw a little water on the trail, but drier than I thought it would be. Still looking for that just after rain ride.

Guess what it's doing right now......snowing. About a half inch on the ground similar to a week ago. I don't mind at all; it's just a little unusual for dry SoCal.

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