WR Fire hazard!

watch out for some false security with the header wrap. Sure it keeps a lot of heat in but the stuff is almost or just as hot as the pipe. Once I cought a rag on fire because it touched the header wrap. That wrap matierial gets super hot too!

Must get the carb re-jetted to prevent "glow pipe"

Your "glow pipe" is a feature as old as the original YZF in 1998. If you let the bike idle for any length of time the pipe will glow. Do this at night and you will be really startled (as you know). Even a properly jetted YZ/WR will do this if left idling too long without some kind of air flow.

yeah apparently one day my cousin was riding with a buddy on an old 400. They stopped for a minute, and he said they got a little bit of funny grass caught on fire and burning, he said they got the hell out of there pretty fast, i thought it was pretty funny...

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