Need to lower my yz 400f any suggestions

Hey I am interested in lowering my 98 yz 400f about 2 inches anybody got any good ideas? I know I could trim the seat down but I am guessing I could only get about a half inch out of it. Any adjustments that I could do?

Simple adjustments won't give you the 2 inches without compromising your ride quality, unless you're reeeeeaaaally light.

The old fashioned KYB (not that there's anything wrong w/ them, just to differentiate from the newer twin chambers) does not lend itself to spacing AS EASILY as the twin chambers do. You might be able to pick up an inch by sliding your tubes up in the trees.

The shock will have to be shortened internally, unless you can find a lowering link.

Just backing off spring preload will make the rear sag too much, and you'll wonder why you can't turn.

I lowered my '02 YZ 250 3+ inches for flattrack, and it has the same basic hardware as your bike. As long as your valving is sorted, and the spring rates are right, you'll be fine.........unless you're planning on arenacross type jumping.

If you want more details, feel free to PM me.

Devol and other companies make lowering links for vertical challenged individuals. Google lower links or contact Devol:thumbsup:

Thanks guys.

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