87 xr600 improvements?

I have a chance to buy an 87 xr600 for $600 thats in pretty good mechanical condition but has a rough body. Does anybody know if the later model tank, side panels, and seat with fit an 87. I prefer the look of the 88-01 and they seem to be easier to find. Also I would like to add the 91 swingarm with the rear disc brake. Will this bolt on as well? And my final question is, I spotted a 87 with inverted front shocks from a CR probably, any ideas about what years/models with fit the 87 frame.


A lot of stuff fits between years for plastic. On my 04 650L I have frame guards, and brake guards off my 89' xr 600. I also put some CR500 parts, such as the rear brake guard, and the front rim fit. I just couldn't use the speedo pickup. As for your rear swingarm swap, I have contemplated putting my CR500 suspension on my XR 600. I have always loved my 89'XR, but HATE that drum setup. I am in process of trying to see where the CR parts will fit between bikes. The rear swingarm is 80% sure a fit. As for the brake actuator it looks like I need to weld the piece in place. The front shocks are a bolt and go with regular forks. USD's you'll probably want to try and fit the whole triple to the bike. Try to stay in the early 90's for swaps to the 87'.

Here is an 89'


Do some searches. I seem to remember someone posting about the drum to disc conversion. If I remember correctly mounts for the maser cylinder had to be fabricated.

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