Need help with Front Sprocket Change

I am switching from the stock 14T front sprocket to 13T. Got a Primary Drive (part#32513) and noticed the stock sprocket has a rubber ring around it that can't be taken off, while the aftermarket has nothing.

Anyone have any experience with this? Do I just go without the rubber surrounding the sprocket? Maybe wrong part? Seems to fit fine.

thanks guys,


dont worry about it...its hard to explain but your stock sprocket will light up in the same location as the after market one. the oem does have the rubber think prolly to help keep dirt out of the counter shaft. :cool:

either way i changed my from when i bought the bike and have had no problems what so ever....

Thanks! Wanted to ride tomorrow to try out the 13 - now I feel good about it.

Ditto on what bigcoopdog said, the stock gear looks more heavyduty than the aftermarket unit. I also changed to a 13 from Renthal it has worked out great and the gearing change really improved the gear spacing for my type of riding.:cool:

no rubber on my aftermarket on either. I was just in there replacing the countershaft seal parts.

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