does any one have this problem

My brother and my self always ride together every week, no matter what, we seem to be stuck between two levels of riding, the ones that want to do 100 km and the ones that want to do 360-400 km a day, the ones that want to do 100 km recon we take them on a hell ride, never ride again and sometimes sell there bikes. on the other hand the guys that do the 300 - 400 km want to do more in a day. Where does that leave a guy like me???

This seems like a fairly typical dilemma. I find it pretty rare to ride with someone else who isn't either pulling me all day long or constantly lagging behind. Sometimes its a little difference, sometimes a bigger difference. It can vary because of skill level or just because either they or I are more familiar with the trails we happen to be on that day. Sometimes others are ready to go home when I still want to ride and other times I get my ass dragged beyond my stamina.

It is very cool to hook up in a tight riding group when it happens, but I have a blast no matter what.

As far as mileage, it sounds like you guys do some pretty fast rides. In the kind of terrain I like to ride (rocky single track), 62 miles (100km) is a pretty good day. :)

Im not talking a little difference,im talking a lot!!! from waighting at the top of a hill for an hour, to being anilated by guys that havent riden the hell tracks for ten years, maybe thats the difference, experience??

but still a big step to go forward.

I hear you.....When I want to work on stamina "Which I seem to need more as I get older" I love the Hell Rides for that...Everytime they drain me of all my energy I seem to last longer the next time....I do however love the all day, lets go exploring and come home just as the sun is going down... I don't think the group I ride with has any middle ground as well.....

Bonzai :)

With all the kids and wives learning to ride in my group, I get all giggly when I can turn over 30 miles in a day!!!

But, I still love it and won't stop!!


I guess I am really lucky because the two guys I mainly ride with are really close in ability. For us it is harder to set everyone's schedule together for an epic ride. It seems that one or two of us always has to get home before the others.

racemile, i bleed with you and i also feel sorry for you, cnacc, one more post and your a bronze member!!

We get a really good ride when we are 3 or max 4 no-smoking guys, about 200km(124ml). When we are more that 4 it's always waiting for someone (80km/50ml). Over 10 ... $h#1 what are we doing in the woods ...

blue_beast_wins I also became bronze member :)

he he, i never get in a really good long ride. the two riding partners of mine, my best buddy, and my father have two different problems. my dad is old and has no energy after 50 miles, my best buddies bike has never gone more than 75 miles without breaking!

My dad used to ride, when he got parkinsons we sold his bike on him.

If my kids ever try that, I'll get my shotgun out and blow out their tires....

Bonzai :)

My riding buddy is my 14 yr old son. While learning he was slow but every week the speed increased. We single track exclusively, whooped up and turny. After two years I can go as fast as I can and he's right on my tail. We ride the same set of trails every weekend and try to set new time records for different sections. No matter what day, speed or distance I want to go he is ready and can't wait for the weekend to go again. Last Saturday was 40 degrees and light rain, he wanted to ride. Two peas in a pod, I couldn't have a better riding buddy.

tctrailrider - check your PM.

Luckily most my riding buds are all about the same ability. I agree with you guys about the size of groups - 6 or more generally means a lot of stop and go. Snowmobiling is even worse. 4 to 6 guys of equal ability is a great days fun on the snow or in the dirt. :)

It's a balance, teach your riding buddies and give them time to learn - as long as they are not riding a 1971 DT175 chances are the hours wait at the top of the hill will soon be only 20 min's, then 10 min's etc.

My mates are all pretty fast and I tend to be in the middle, but another tip is if you need to wieght for an hour you probably should have stopped earlier. What happens if they have decided to practice parking that DT175 in a tree? You wait an hour, then look for an hour - even if they are not injured you miss out on heaps of km's by backtracking and rooting around. :)

It's all a balance.

Yes I have to agree

One of my mates would always be lingering behind but now after a few months he pi$$es on all of us

For serious hard training for races two or three riders no more

for fun rides 4 -6

anymore than that and all you do is spend more time waiting than riding

I also wont ride with a freind if he tells me he has an XT500 or Dt125 or any old junker that will keep us all up

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