Putting new valves into cylinder head.


I took of the valvs on my yzf 426 without a problem, I used my hands nad small piece of pipe fitting valve spring diameter.

Could you tell me how to put new valves ? I don't want to buy special tool for $ 50 but If there is no another way I'll have to.

Take that same pipe fitting and cut it open on one side large enough to allow you to work the keepers in place with tweezers and/or a small pick. Use a C-clamp to compress the spring with this pipe fitting and assemble the valves. You'll want someone to help you hold the head, because it absolutely will not cooperate with you while you try this.

You say you are using new valves. You did have the seats refinished, didn't you?

I'd spend the money on the correct tool instead of risking damage to the new valves.

If you haven't already done so...... Make sure you get the valve seats refinished by a machine shop before you replace the valves. :cool:

I have a question about replacing valves. When I put in new valves do I always have to cut the seats? How about seating them in with paste - I don`t know the right word for english, but it`s like moving valves in the valve seats to get them seal good.

I have been told that this method damages valves. I this true for both titan and stainless steel valves?

Yes, my machine shop did the valve seats. It is forbidden to use paste on Ti valves. You have to redone the valve seats. On SS valves it is ok to use paste but after redoing seats. This is my opinion

There should be a thin hard layer of "something" on SS valves. If I use paste won`t risk scratching this layers off?

Your opinion is right. Just wanted to be sure you did not overlook the fact that the seats need to be refinished. :cool:

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