Hello everyone!

Just turned 40 In Dec. I've had a bike since the age of 6. But been out of MX since teenager. Last week bought the 2k2 FZ1 and the WR426.

Yamikaze thanks for telling us your age :)

This site is a great place to be!!

I've been lurking here since I bought the WR.

Welcome aboard! :)

ARRRRGG!! Another young punk! :D I've got underwear older than you! :)

I'm relatively new, too, and nobody's bit me yet, so I guess this is a good place to welcome you to, S Phillips. And don't worry, we enjoy being baffled with B.S. as much as being dazzled with brilliance, so whichever ya got the most of, bring it on! :D:D:D


Welcome to TT. You'll have lot's of questions and you should always try the search function first, a lot of topics have been covered here since 1999.

Your in good company, lot's of us are just returning to bikes after raising families, buying houses and all that other grown-up stuff.


I'm in the same category. This is a great site, it helped on my decision to purchase a "old" '98 YZ 400. Enjoy the machine and be safe. :)

Ahh, thanks for the warm welcome guys.

Bill I think your comment sum's me up real well.

Returning to bikes!

Kids 19 and 15 are practically self suffecient

except for the need for $$. Doing there thing.

They're not into MX or bikes much for that matter.

Don't know how that happened.

But looking forward to getting up to par again

and hitting some races around the SouthEast. It will take some effort I can tell I'm very rusty MX wise that is.


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