Steering stem nut..special tool?

Well, it's cold and wet here in Phx this weekend (60F BRRRR ). I have decided to grease the steering on my 07 WR450 for the first time...I know, I know :crazy: "You should grease them right away". :applause: Do I need a special tool to remove and re-torque that funny looking nut on the top of the stem? Is there a common tool that fits it?:cool:

Thanks for your comments :busted:

While special tools are made for this purpose, most just use a good-sized flatblade screwdriver and a rubber mallet to loosen it up. A few light taps should do the trick - they are not torqued very tight at all.

The proper tool is a hook spanner, but very few, if anyone, actually use them. The spec for that nut is about 5 ft lbs; not very high.

When you re-install everything, tighten that nut real good to seat the bearings and then back it off until you just start to feel play in the steering stem. Then make it hand tight and then turn it one extra notch with whatever mechanical advantage you like.

it's cold and wet here in Phx this weekend (60F BRRRR )

Sounds like perfect riding weather to me! :cool:

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