Someone Hold My Hand?

Ok gang so where is the manual to "ALL" of these mods I keep reading about.

Surely someone has compiled a book with nice pictures explaining step by step the way to do it. I'd pay $$ :)

yes i've been lurkin and have done many searches but nothing like an ALL in 1 manual kinda thingy.

Thought I'd ask anyway.

Or better yet anyone here in N. Alabama like to

help me out would be great too.

Since I bought the WR 426 last week I've pulled the lid on the air box and the guts outta the pipe. I would like to do the YZ timing thing but don't trust myself yet. I've modded the crap outta my Eclipse GST but this is a different animal. I remember my old MX bikes never had valves hahaha.

OK of my soap

Comments, Opinions?


If you search the archives you will find most of what you are looking for. Including in some instances pictures. I don't think anyone has compiled a book. Wait a minute, I'll be right back.

Ok. On the main page where you click on discussion just above the word discussion is Story I believe and just above that is Technical. I will include the link here. Check out the technical section and see if that doesn't help. Good luck, Paul

[ April 12, 2002: Message edited by: PMAUST ]

I just went back to visit the Technical section. It is a little thin. When I first started it was a huge help. If you go to the archives and do a search on YZ Timing you will find lots of info and I think maybe some pictures. The same is true for almost anything. If and when you get into the jetting thing GOD HELP YOU! :) You will be able to get your PhD! One of the professors is Taffy. If you have a hard time understanding him sometimes don't worry you are not alone. Good hunting and let us know your progress. Paul

PMAUST - Thanks for your efforts there bro.

I'm kinda surprised someone of the profiteering mind hasn't compiled that book though.


Funny you should mention a compilation... I have a series of PDF files I am working on, but for lack of photos and/or illustrations, I put them to one side... now I am in the middle of getting a website up and running for a new enterprise...

I will get back to the PDF files one day though, hopefully soon...

Stay tuned...


anxiously waiting :)

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