07 stock exhaust question...

hi guys... i've had the baffle out of my exhaust pipe for quite a while now but just noticed that there is alot of back pressure now. i removed the grey wire and the air box lid/snorkel, which were the last of the mods, and fired it up. the things sounds great now... real snappy :cool: i could see the exhaust coming out the pipe normally until i got on it and noticed a blast of exhaust coming out from around where the tip bolts to the can.

should i just take the tip off? is there a way to make it flow better without spending $$$?



Use the homemade tip from this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=349760 and you should be OK, it's not really back pressure that is forcing the exhaust gasses past the pipe end cover it's just that they are not directed well when they exit the muffler portion of the pipe so they find any outlet they can. Either make a tip like Dodgy and I did (the 40mm) or get the one from GYTR that does the same thing. Good Luck --WR Dave.

is that the same for the 07 can? i need it to be under 96 db still too.

'07 can is the same. I'm not positive what you mean by the first baffle removed , but my bike with a few 1/2" holes drilled through the first baffle after the spark arrestor and that tip installed measured at just under 97 db. Hopefully that helps, if you need to meet sound then aftermarket systems may be the way to go, just way more money. Sorry if I've taken you off track. :cool: WR Dave

ok... here is a pic of the pipe. i removed the whole tube shown here and not just the little baffle thats riveted in. i guess i'll do like msgbean shows although its still a smaller opening.



This is what is on my '07 , the spark arrestor is still in and I have drilled a few 1/2" holes through the inner baffle behind the spark arrestor. It's right on or a bit over 97db's when it was tested at a race. WR Dave

looks good :cool: i'll try and do that to my pipe but i won't punch holes in the inner baffle so it stays quiter.

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