YZ timed w/EKP Needle What other jets do you use

I have tried a slew of jetting changes but can not get the bike to run right.

I just tried the EKP #4 with 48 pj, 100 paj, 170 mj. Way too rich.

What is everyone using w/the EKP. I think my elevation is about 800 feet if that.


come in at my jetting with another 8 on the MJ if you run an open pipe because i ran a euro/canook pipe ok?

i'm at sea level. i would recommend the EMM and some the EMN at sea level. EKP is fine but has a flat spot off of tickover at sea level.


I have had great success with the EKP in all of my configurations, 400cc, 426cc, 444cc.

This is with a 158~165 main, normaly I run the 158.

I also use the 45 pilot with the 100 PAJ.

My fuel screw adjustment became a bit more finicky but I was able to get good throttle response with this needle at 0~5000ft.

I am sure I could probably tweak it further with the needles Taffy is reffering to.

This setup in my signature is working well for me. My elevation is a little higher; it seems to run well at 4600 I don't notice any real difference. I have been switching back and forth with a 100paj, and both work well 100 just little leaner. I am by no means a jetting Jedi. :)


If you've tried a slew. Then go ahead and get the EMM. I had done the EKP after mucho testing had been done by the members here and liked the change from wr timing to yz timing and the EKP.

The EMM makes great power but the power is more linear. There just doesn't seem to be a spot, where the bike won't BARK like the beast it is. And 1/8 to WFO throttle the motor pulls very hard and very smooth.

Give it a shot :)


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