Keep Or Trade Rims

I just bought a 2002 426 that came with red excels. I know someone owns a 2007 45o with silver wheels . His bike is all white so we are talking about trading. You guys think i should trade him wheels or should i try to find graphics to match my wheels. Also, will his wheels be able to "bolt on" to my bike or will i have to buy parts to make it work?Here is a pis of my bike btw....


Unless you get white plastics for your bike, I'd trade him. The rims will look better on his bike, and you'll get nearly new hubs out of the deal.

the red rims are sick! I'd trade......but then again, my bike is white! Trade him. It'll look better for both of you. you'll probably have to get his spacers and give him least that's how my experience has gone with swapping yz rims.

I actually think your bike looks awesome now...:cool: relly not sure what i want to do..any one else?

id trade um.. it will benifit you.. newer rims and newer hubs.

I would trade him.

trade is fugly

trade is fugly

Word. Trade em!

Yeah, I didn't want to go there, but red rims are a little bit of an acquired taste, shall we say, even with a white bike, where I think they'd look the best, or a yellow one. There's just something about them. But against the blue, they just don't really work for me.

I agree, makes you wonder why someone would go red against the blue???

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