going to moses lake

Hello all. Just letting you know that our group is going to moses lake on the 27th of october. We are hoping to get there about 7-8 in the morning. WOuld like to meet some of ya in the area. i will have my cell on if you want to call and tell us where your at. We will be in a dark blue toyota with a trailer and probable a small mazda extra cab and a light blue chevy two wheel drive. any way just letting you know. talk to you later. hope to meet some of ya'll. Brandon W this meant you. lol



I will be there, you can mark my words! I have ridden in those dunes back when I had my XT600 (big pig that had trouble wallowing around in the sand) and it is fun. I'll be on a blue bike and have a red cape billowing behind me.

See you then.

PS. Chris, check your pm's.


Chris- Sounds like a good time. I have never ridden over there and would like to. I might meet you guys there. How about I email you next week so I can get your cell #? I will be coming from Issaquah, WA.


Somewhat puzzled, doesn't Idaho have some great riding areas? And you want drive all the way Moses Hole to ride? Amazing. :D:)

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