membership on TT and purchasing oem products

I posted a reply on a thread concerning a clutch basket and it was never answered so I just posted this thread. I was wondering....> if you wanted to purchase a oem product on TT shop like a clutch basket do you have to buy a membership first and then log on to TT again and then order the oem product or can you do them both the at the same time? Cause when I placed the $9.95 membership in my cart and then clicked on the oem product I wanted......>it brought the product up and showed the price but I couldnt see anywhere to buy the product or to place it in the cart. I would like to become a member on TT and buy oem products. Could some one help a rider out!

After you add the membership to your cart, you'll need to click on the check out button in the far right column. At that point you'll be asked to fill in all your credit card and billing info. Keep following the instructions until you finish the process. You can then go back and shop for the stuff you want.

Just a note about the OEM membership that I hadn't noticed at first. They will auto-renew every year unless you cancel. Also, is another place to checkout. They have OEM Yamaha parts.

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