Boyesen AP cover

hey guys. Ive been told that a Boyesen AP cover will solve my low end throttle delay problems (I have an 01' wr426). The couple of reviews I have found on the internet said they are fantastic, however some people don't seem to think they are that special. Just curious if anyone has experience with them and knows whether it would be a smart buy or not.


I have one and I don't feel much difference with it. My bike ran about the same but it was already jetted with no bog

First thing is you need to make sure the AP squirt is about .5 seconds. A search in the WR performance section should bring up that info. Second you need to have your jetting correct for your area and riding style. I found that when I installed the Boyesen pump cover the resonse of the throttle was increased due to the fuel being more atomized than with the stock cover. There are alot of varying opinions on this and that is mine. WR Dave.

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