Victor Venturo is a hero!!!

Thumpertalk's own Victor Venturo and Bob Nicholson of Prescott managed to find a lost teenager that had been wandering through the woods for 3 1/2 days. The Arizona Republic failed to mention that they were on motorcycles, but our Prescott Courier did mention they were on motorcycles- nice plug for us. Way to go guys. As for the kid, if you knew the details you'd have to conclude the kid is a moron and lucky to be alive.

Post some details, I could use a good moron story today. :)

Yes, we need details! Nothing better than a good moron story after a day of riding.

I saw the KTM in the back of the truck on the news, and did a double take. Sure enough, VV is a hero!

Great going, Victor! I would enjoy reading the articles about this. I just hope Victor's loud exhaust didn't cause any permanant damage to the little chipmunks' hearing when it gave the lost kid a homing point...(I assume he heard the bike before he saw it?)

I'm sure every member of the Sierra local 666 Club had strapped on their crepe soled tennis shoes and were scouring the forest for the young man...Can't have some human spending that much time in their woods; he might eat something, start a fire for warmth, defecate, or yell for help and disturb the critters. Shudder! Ban the hikers!!

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